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Ice fishing is a sport that is not for the faint of heart.  Going fishing when the weather is sub zero takes a special mentality.  Here at modern ice fishing we share that passion with you and try to bring a slice of wisdom and insight to you the ice angler.  We attempt to be a resource for the ice fishing community bringing tips and tactics to put more fish on the ice, reviews of ice fishing gear to help guide you to the right purchase the next time you add some stuff to your arsenal, and general news as it pertains to ice fishing.

When it comes to putting fish on top of the ice being in the right spot at the right time is imperative.  Thankfully due to the modern ice fishing gear available to today’s ice angler you can do it in far more comfort, with greater ease and in less time than ever before.  And the ice fishing electronics available to today’s ice angler it is even possible to cover more ice faster in search of fish.  Simply put the gear that is utilized by the best modern ice fishermen literally give you an unfair advantage as compared to your competition.  That being said, if you don’t take advantage of the technology you are putting yourself behind others that are willing to do the research and put the equipment in their arsenal that will help them the most.

Ice fishing gear reviews:

We do our best to try to give a great cross section of the latest and greatest gear as well as the tried and true equipment that has been helping ice anglers for years.  Learn about the newest ice fishing flashers, take time to find out what ice fishing lures are best for each species you would like to target, find ratings on the ice fishing clothing to keep you warm and mobile this winter.  Or perhaps you want to learn about the latest and greatest wheel houses to make your time on the ice the lap of luxury, or the best portable ice houses to keep you on the move in search of the ever roaming crappies, or the best ice fishing reel to have on your rod to ensure years of worry free use.  Find it all on our site.

Ice fishing tips, tricks, and overviews of specific species

When it comes to ice fishing there are many different types of fish to chase.  And trying something new is a great way to keep things new and fresh with your favorite past time.  From jumbo perch on great lakes like Mille Lacs, to chasing crappie on the community crappie hole on your favorite lake, to walleyes on Lake of the Woods or Upper Red Lake, to northern pike on tip ups you will find great ways to get on fish this winter.  Or perhaps you are a bit more into new and different species on the ice.  Check out our great articles on ice fishing tullibee and even catfish through the ice!

Modern Ice Fishing is a site that is dedicated to the great sport of ice fishing.  When the nice weather heads south and that hard water is calling your name, this is the site dedicated to bringing you the most updated information and tactics to put fish on the ice and if so inclined on your table.  Gone are the days of freezing your rear end off in the hopes that a fish may bite.  The modern ice angler is mobile, comfortable and proficient.  Utilize the best in ice fishing gear to catch more and bigger fish.

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